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Educare overseas services is India's Leading Overseas Education Consultancy & has helped thousands of students every year to pursue higher education overseas to achieve their dreams.
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The expertise of Educare Overseas Services provides you the best support to achieve your goal in an easy and friendly way. Dr.A.S.Varma sir is always ready to answer your questions and solve your doubts and surely will find the best match between your interests and the best suitable programme for you. As a professional, he will put you in touch with people that can provide you the necessary requirements you are going to be asked along the process.



I am going to study MBBS in one of the best universities in the world. Thanks to Dr.Varma sir that helped me to find a suitable program. He also is an excellent adviser about how to make everything for the acceptance of the university, how to get the visa, how to get accommodation and he helps a lot about the times to do everything.



When there is a problem at the university, for instance, to answer something, it is excellent how he can solve the problem, he has always an option. I strongly recommend him.He is also a very nice person and friend.I Strongly recommended Educare Overseas Services.



The advice of Dr.Varma includes the complete process, from choosing the right University for your desired programme based on your interests, advice to have an easy and straight forward application process..



Study-Abroad, the processes is always difficult, and there is a lot of bureaucracy and having a person that has been there and knows how to swim those seas is very valuable. Save yourself many headaches, money and time and get help. It’s worth it.



Really I am surprised, “Educare Overseas Services China MBBS program” making things easier and affordable. My daughter completed her MBBS, we are happy with their services.



Before sending our son to China to study MBBS program, we have been enquired with so many education consultants. But we heard the best services of Educare Overseas Services. We are satisfied with the university recognition with WHO and MCI requirements.



My son finished his second year MBBS in China Medical University. We are happy with the facilities in the university and I am really cool with the Educare Overseas Services. I wish them all success in their endeavours and in the process.



Educare Overseas Services help you to make the right choice to choose the right university. EOS is assisting students in securing admission, completing VISA formalities. After securing admission also they are offering services. EOS Staff are perfectly gentle and are cool and composed and whenever contacted, they willingly provided requisite information. My son is happy there and feeling at home as many students are from Andhra Pradesh.I am thankful to Dr.A.S.Varma and staff for their best services.

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